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Gingerbread house

Hi all. I thought I would share with you my gingerbread house. The treacle worked fine as a molasses substitute. So if anyone in the future has that same question. Look here!

It all started with a very scribbled shopping list. And yes, people. In case you noticed the top of the list. I sure am buying my dog a christmas stocking filled with doggy-goodies. So shutup! Kthx.

Here I was trying to mix copious amounts of dough with my hands. Yes they were clean, thanks. I ended up having to put it all into a huge cooking pot, because I didn't have a bowl big enough. Although, what do you expect having 9 cups of flour in the damn thing?

This is probably baking sheet number 4 at this stage. This is one of the sides being cut in the baking pan, before returning to the oven for another 30 minutes. Each sheet took about an hour and 15mins, including rolling, scoring, cutting and trimming at different intervals.

This is the back wall of the house, cut out, along with some stars for the Christmas tree I was planning on putting in the front garden. It's laying on glad wrap cooling down, before wrapping it up over night.

So. Assembly step number one. Cover chopping board in foil. Cover foil in green icing. Let sit until hard. This is the yard. Once board icing is set. Use more icing to stick the stars together to form a Christmas tree. And trim a piece of gingerbread for the point of the tree.

This is the Christmas tree with the coat of icing which makes it white. On the sticky-outy bits of the tree are silver balls. Usually used on cakes and stuff. Great for decoration and taste really nice, so I think lol. I've also put up the two walls in this pic. They are being held in place while the icing dries by a cup, and the small tin of "cream of tartar" which is used in the icing.

Yay! Back wall is up.

All four walls are up. At least it's starting to look like a house.

Oh dear. Was I unhappy at this stage. This would be dilemma number one. And luckily the only dilemma to happen. I didn't cut the roof pieces long enough at the sides. I was not happy at all.

But wait! Problem solvered! Corinthians work fantastically as decoration, and to fill up the space on either side of the roof pieces, so it doesn't look crap. I didn't realise at this stage it was a blessing. Because they really make for cute presentation at the end.

So, in the corners at the front of the house I put candy canes. I just thought this may add a Christmasy effect considering I couldn't really find any other Christmasy looking lollies. Heh. At this stage I also added icicles. I thought it was a nice touch. Looks like snow!

I had this great idea for a door. Well.. I think it's great. Chocolate is always great, right? I got one of those slimline Cadbury chocolate bar things that you give to kids. It's about 5mm thick and it's a good shape for the door so I stuck that on and lined it with skittles. I also put skittles around the rim of the roof at the front. The idea for this is kind of like the little rainbow coloured christmas lights people sometimes decorate their houses with at Christmas time. I also decided I would put a window ledge with some icing flowers. That's more a personal "homely" touch. Rather then it just being a decorated house. It's like a decorated house that someone lives in. Haha, I am so lame. :D

Next step was decorating the roof. I was planning on making the whole marshmallows, but I didn't have enough. So instead I did lines of marshmallows and corinthians instead. I think this turned out rather good, and just gives it a bit more decoration than just plain pink and white marshmallows would. This is side one. All white. I was considering using mints for tiles, but I wouldn't have had enough, so thats where the marshmallows came in. The mints do the outside lining instead, so there is an over hang at the sides. And I've also tiled them in two lines at the front. Don't ask me why. But it looks good! hehe.

I decided that the front was a little plain. So I added an icing butterfly and a 'reef' which is a red skittle in a green jelly loop. Cute!

This next bit was my favourite part. The path. I cut the end of a chomp bar off to make a front step, and iced a little wrapped up santa to stand on the front porch to welcome everyone. I iced the path and put down brown sprinkles so it looked like dirt, or pebbles. I lined the sides of the path with the jelly loops by cutting them in half so they are like half circles. I've also started the fencing in this picture. The fence is made from cadbury curly wirly's. They just look neat as a fence. I've also put more icicles on the tree and added a top ornament. A yellow skittle! As close to a little star as I could get, hahaha.

So this is the other side of the roof. Pink marshmallows this time. I've also continued round the fence to the back. To the back of the house is a snow covered log. This is actually a "summer roll". Not sure who makes them, but they are delicious! I've also added some more icing flowers here and a pink chupachup tree. Okay. So it doesn't look like a tree. But it's a candy tree, OK!?

So this is the back of the house. I didn't want to continue the fence around here because I wanted to make something of the back. The log here is the other part of the chomp bar. Again, with icing flowers around the edges to take away that harsh look. I've also included here three more foil wrapped santas. Yellow, green and of course red! I bet they are sitting out there, having some egg nog and talking crap. What else do santa's do?

Now we're finishing up. I finished the touches to the fence and for that little finished touch, I've sprinkled the place in icing sugar to look like snow. Here's the finished results. I hope you like!

The back.

The roof!

The side!

Just a close up for detail.

The front and most important bit. What do you think?
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