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My recent trip to Bed, Bath and Beyond

Okay, so including for my birthday and for Christmas, I received a hundred and ninety dollars in gift cards from "Bed, Bath and Beyond" which is exactly what I asked for. So, I went after Christmas, but before going, I called to ask the price on a Kitchen - Aid stand mixer, a pink one to be exact. So, they put me on hold, and then someone came back on the phone and informed me that they were $99.99. So I hung up, thinking "whow, that's a deal. The last time I checked they were almost three hundred". And so I go with one of my friends, and we get there, I go back to the section where the mixers are, and sure enough, the price tag says "299.99". I was furious. So, I decided to just get the pink kitchen aid hand mixer instead. As I was passing the blenders, I noticed a pink kitchen aid one, and glanced at the price. They were the ones that were hundred dollars. So, I cooled off while looking at some other things, and I went up to check out.

When I got up there, I very kindly explained the situation that had happened, and told them that if they were going to hire people to work in a store that focused on bedroom, bathroom and other household things, that they needed to be sure that, that person knew the difference between a mixer and a blender. And I say this again, I said it very kindly and wasn't mean about it or anything. Anyway, I did get a bunch of stuff. I found this gourmet cupcake mix that was seven dollars a box and couldn't help but to get it. They're white chocolate cupcakes with raspberry icing. Perfect for Valentine's Day. Too bad I don't have a Valentine.
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